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Dr. C. Andrew Salzberg

Breast Augmentation in Westchester, NY 

Plastic Surgery Westchester  

Are you looking for a trusted and experienced doctor to perform your breast augmentation in Westchester, NY? New York plastic surgeon Dr. C. Andrew Salzberg specializes in cosmetic breast surgery and breast reconstruction, and he pioneered the One-Stage Breast Reconstruction with Implant and AlloDerm®. This revolutionary procedure combines an implant with tissue “borrowed” from another part of the body, and it can be completed in just one visit.


Dr. Salzberg is the Chief of Plastic Surgery at both the Dobbs Ferry Hospital and the Westchester Medical Center. He has also worked in many countries throughout the world, and regularly shares his ground-breaking expertise on the international lecture circuit.

Breast Augmentation in Westchester

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure used to enlarge small breasts, correct misshapen breasts, and restore damaged or missing breasts after the trauma of a mastectomy. If you want larger, firmer, or more evenly shaped breasts, augmentation is the safest and most common solution.

Breast implants will increase the fullness, firmness, and projection of your breasts, and will help balance their size and shape with the rest of your figure. However, breast augmentation will not lift the breasts. If childbirth or extreme weight fluctuation has caused your breasts to droop, you may need a breast lift to restore their former pertness.

Are you a good candidate for Breast Augmentation in Westchester?

To be a good candidate for breast augmentation surgery, you should be in good overall health and be at least 18 years old, to ensure your breasts are fully developed. If you are discontent with the size or shape of your breasts, and you have realistic expectations about the results of breast augmentation, you are likely to be strong candidate for the procedure.  

How is Breast Augmentation Performed?

Breast augmentation can usually be performed in an outpatient environment, such as a hospital or ambulatory center, or you may stay overnight. Because you are placed under general anesthesia, the procedure itself is pain free. When you have breast augmentation in Westchester, Dr. Salzberg will insert the breast implant either above or below the chest muscle. Common incision sites include under the breast or arm and around the nipple, but the exact location depends on your body type, implant size and desired results. Once the incision is closed, the healing can begin.

Dr. Salzberg can go into more detail, and answer any of your questions about the procedure, during your initial consultation.  

Tips to Optimize Healing after Breast Augmentation

1. Use compresses and ice packs to reduce pain and swelling.

2. Avoid sleeping on your sides or stomach. For optimal healing after your breast augmentation in Westchester, you should sleep in a slightly upright position.

3. Avoid bending, reaching, extreme stretching, or strenuous activity for as long as possible.

4. If you have smooth and not textured implants, doctors recommend massaging them gently after the first few days of recovery. This helps keep them soft and correctly positioned as the tissue around them heals.

5. Overuse your compression bra.

6. Ask your doctor about other medications or natural remedies to help reduce swelling, bruising, and to improve circulation.

Do Results from Breast Augmentation Last Forever?

While breast implants don’t come with a lifetime guarantee, it’s possible they will never need replacing. You should always be alert to any possible complications, leakage, or rupture, and make an appointment with Dr. Salzberg if you experience any discomfort or change in shape or size over time.

To discuss your breast augmentation in Westchester with Dr. Salzberg, call us at (800) 433-7410 to book your consultation today!



Dr. Salzberg speaks at the BC3 Conference; The Case for Direct to Implant Reconstruction in Risk Reduction Surgery, July 2012.